Are Cellfina results permanent or is maintenance required?

Cellulite is more prevalent in women, and is commonly found on the buttocks and thighs.It has traditionally been very difficult to treat, but a breakthrough treatment known as Cellfina, has recently been receiving rave reviews. In fact, the improvements achieved so far have been very dramatic, but are Cellfina results permanent, or is maintenance required.

What is Cellfina?
Cellfina is a minimally invasive procedure that is FDA cleared for the removal of cellulite. Unlike other treatments for cellulite, Cellfina deals with the underlying cause.

Cellulite occurs as a result of internal bands of connective tissues that get attached to the fat cells, and then pull down on them from the inside. It is this tension that causes once smooth cells to become lumpy, and take on a dimpled appearance.

How does it work?
Cellfina involves the use of a small-needle sized device that penetrates down to the dermal layer of the skin, and releases the fibrous bands that are holding the skin taut. Once these bands are released, the skin is able to extend and quickly smooth out.

It only takes one treatment with Cellfina to achieve the desired results, and improvements are usually seen after 3 days. Treatment time ranges from 40 to 45 minutes.

Are Cellfina Results permanent?
In clinical studies carried out,Cellfinaeliminated cellulite for 12 to 24 months.  Cellfina is a long-lastingsolution for the treatment of cellulite, but it is not permanent.

Cellfina available in Orange County, CA
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