Are there different procedures to remove a mole?

Moles are pigmented lesions that are usually quite harmless, but if they bother you in any way,it’s possible to get them removed. But are there different procedures to remove a mole, or can it only be done surgically.

What is a mole?
A mole is a dark spot that develops on the skin, as a result of the accumulation of melanocytes (pigmented cells) in a single area.Moles can be flat or raised, and circular or oval in shape. They are normally brown, black, or pink in colour.

Moles can usually be left alone, but if there are any changes in the shape, size, or colour, you should always visit your doctor to get them checked, as it could indicate something more serious.

Common procedures for mole removal include:
Shave excision: This method works best on moles that are raised enough so that they can be easily shaved away. The area is first numbed using local anaesthetic, and a derma blade is used to shave the mole flat.The area is then cauterized with a chemical solution to prevent any bleeding.
Laser Removal: Laser treatment is suitable for smaller moles. The light energy targets and breaks down the pigmented cells that make up the mole.
SurgicalExcision: This is recommended for flat moles, and is also used in on moles that are considered suspicious. With this method a scalpel is used to remove the mole in its entirety. This generally leaves a small scar, but the scar will improve as time passes.

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