Are there warning signs for Melanoma?

Australia is known to have a very high rate of melanoma, and so every effort must be made to try and reverse that trend. Are there warning signs for melanoma that you need to be aware of? There are, and since melanoma is one of the most difficult cancers to treat, early detection is vital. That means you have to know your skin, and be able to quickly spot any changes, but of course you also must know what to look out for.

Warning signs for melanoma
In many cases the first signs of melanoma appear in moles that start to look abnormal. That’s the reason why people are urged to pay attention to any new moles that appear on the skin, or any changes that take place with existing ones.

In order to better help patients, doctors have developed what is commonly known as the ABCDE’s of melanoma, in an effort to alert people to the warning signs of this form of cancer. The signs are as follows:

A-    Asymmetrical moles or lesions. With an asymmetrical mole, both sides are not the same if a line is drawn through the middle.
B-    Borders. Malignant moles tend to have uneven borders.
C-    Colour. Moles that are different shades of a single colour, or a variety of colours should be checked.
D-    Diameter. Moles that are malignant are usually larger than ¼ inch in size.
E-    Evolving. Moles usually remain the same over time, any moles that change in colour, size, or shape, should therefore be checked.

These are the most common warning signs of melanoma. It is important to do regular self-checks, and also to have an annual check done by a specialist. Early detection is the best way to successfully treat melanoma.

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