Can texting really hurt your spine?

There is no denying the benefits of mobile devices such as smartphones, but there are also some undeniable drawbacks such as neck and spinal pain. Doctors are now realizing that bending forward and looking down at an angle to text on your phone, can cause recurring neck and back pain. The phenomenon is known medically as ‘text neck.’ But is this all true, can texting really hurt your spine?

The head/spine connection

When you are standing correctly and the body is properly aligned, the spine only has to bear the weight of the head, which weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. However, bending the head forward while texting puts extra stress and additional weight, on the spine.

Studies carried out indicate that the weight the spine has to bear grows incrementally, the further forward your head tilts. It’s been estimated that as much as 60 pounds of stress can be generated if your head tilts 60 degrees.

Texting and the spine

Slumping over your smartphone puts your neck in an awkward position that can damage your neck and spine over time. Without realizing it, many people spend up to 4 hours each day with their head dropped down over their smartphone. This can be dangerous, as the wear and tear adds up, and may need surgical correction in some cases.

What’s the answer?

•    Spend less time on your smartphone, and if you have to use your smartphone for extended periods, take regular breaks.
•    Call rather than text, it’s a lot easier to maintain proper posture while talking on the phone.
•    Do exercises to help strengthen the muscles of your neck and back.

If you are suffering from spinal pain get help now, because texting may be hurting your spine. Visit posture and see the latest products available for alleviating back pain.

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