What is an effective treatment for women with bladder problems?

Common female bladder issues such as urgency to urinate, urinary frequency, or external burning on urination are usually assumed to be the result of an infection. However there are times when the symptoms are due to non-infectious causes. Therefore before effective treatment for these bladder problems can take place, a proper diagnosis must be made.

Bladder problems and their causes

Bladder issues may be the result of internal factors in the vagina or external factors on the skin. Vaginally, changes to the normal micro-flora pattern of the vagina can precipitate symptoms such irritation, itchiness, and a vaginal discharge. This usually occurs when there is an imbalance of the microbes in the vagina, and the bad bacteria dominate the good.

External irritants may also be responsible for bladder problems, but it is not always easy to identify the source. The allergens or contactants can trigger a condition known as contact dermatitis, which is a skin reaction. The irritants in ordinary common hygienic products such as soaps, detergents, body rinses, shampoos and conditioners are often irritants to the vestibule, which is an area at the entrance of the vagina through which to the bladder drains to the outside via the urethra (urine tube).

Treatment Options

If the bladder problems being experienced are due to the presence of an irritant in the vestibule, then treatment focuses on removing the irritation. Fowler Gyn International (FGI) led by Dr. R. Stuart Fowler, are frontrunners in vaginal health research. They have found a collection of hypoallergenic skin care products to treat contact dermatitis. The FeminaRx Pure Skin Care Collection is ideally suited for women with sensitive external genital tissues.

However, if the bladder issues are the result of changes in the normal vaginal microflora patterns, then Dr. Fowler is able to prescribe a customized vaginal rejuvenate therapy. The therapy is designed to restore normality to the micro-flora pattern.

Effective treatment for bladder-like symptoms begins with an accurate diagnosis, so why not contact FGI today, so find out more. You can call their office at 480-420-4001, or go to fowlergyninternational.com/contact-us.

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