How Much Does A Non-Surgical Brow Lift Cost?

A brow lift is often needed when rejuvenating the eye area, because an eyelid lift may not be enough to fix droopy brows.  However, people are now turning to less invasive options, so a non-surgical brow lift has become a popular alternative.  But how much does a non-surgical brow lift cost?

What Is A Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

A non-surgical brow lift is a procedure that uses botox or botulinum toxin to lift sagging brows.  Botox is typically used to treat dynamic wrinkles, i.e. forehead lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet.   The goal of a non-surgical brow lift is to elevate droopy brows and refresh the face.   A non-surgical brow lift is ideal for men and women with early signs of facial aging. 

The Procedure

During a non-surgical brow lift, botox is strategically placed into specific areas of the forehead.  It relaxes the muscles that pull the brows down and provides a subtle lift.   Lifting the brows also reduces eyelid sagging and gives the face a refreshed, more youthful appearance.   Results can be seen within a few days, and typically last 3-6 months. 

How Much Does A Non-surgical Brow Lift Cost?

A non-surgical brow lift using botox cosmetic typically costs about $200-$500.  However, the cost may vary between practices based on the number of botox units used.   The cost of a non-surgical brow lift may also differ depending on who is performing the treatment, the age of the patient, and the strength of their facial muscles. 

Would you like to learn more about a non-surgical brow lift?  Search our directory to find a practice in your area.  

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