Is there a safe alternative to tanning beds?

Should you get a tan or not? The debate continues.  With so much evidence  available detailing the skin damage caused by excess sun exposure, many people turned to tanning beds to get that sun-kissed complexion. However, it turns out that the UV rays emitted by the tanning beds are also harmful, so people are now asking – Is there a safe alternative to tanning beds?

Spray tanning is the latest tanningtrend. It is a procedure in which a sunless tanning solution is sprayed onto the body, to create a natural, bronze glow. Patients are generally advised to prepare for their spray tanning session by exfoliating and shaving the skin.

How it works
When the spray tan is applied, the active ingredient reacts with the proteins in the topmost layer of skin cells to produce the golden tan. The skin starts to darken about 3 hours after being sprayed, and the final results can be seen within 24 hours. Patients are advised to give the spray at least 4 hours to set, before taking a shower. The results can last up to 7 days.

Is spray tanning safe
Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the active ingredient found in most spray tans.  DHA is a colorless chemical that is derived from glycerin, and is considered safe when used topically.  DHA is FDA approved for external application to the skin.In order to enhance safety, the FDA recommends that patients wear protective eye wear when the spray tan is being applied. This includes ear plugs, nose filters, and lip balm.

Spray tanning is available in the greater Atlanta metro area at Skin Cancer Specialists P. C.& Aesthetic Center. We use the advanced VersaSpa spray tanning, which produces natural, even-looking results.

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