What are the benefits of Fraxel treatments?

The Fraxel laser has become synonymous with beautiful, glowing skin. Dermatologists love Fraxel lasers because of the short recovery time, and consistentlyexcellent results they produce.The advanced Fraxel technology allows the laser toquicklyzero-in on problem areas, and this explains its ability to provide real results.  But what are some of the other benefits of Fraxel treatments.

Fraxel skin resurfacing
Fraxel skin resurfacing is a minimally invasive treatment that can reduce the natural effects of aging, and take years off your face.It is a fractional laser treatment that can be customized to deal with your particular skin issues.

The Fraxel lasertreats microscopic zones within the skin, and works below the surface to get rid of old, damaged skin cells. This stimulates the body’s healing mechanism, resulting in the replacement of the damaged cells, to reveal skin that’s fresher and healthier.

Treatment time ranges from 15-45 minutes, and it typically takes 2-4 sessions to achieve the best results. Improvements can be seen as soon as the skin’s healing process starts to take effect, and this is usually within 1-3 weeks of treatment.

Fraxel laser treatments make the skin smoother, softer, and younger looking.

Benefits of Fraxel treatments

  • Its precise technology makes it safe for use on most skin types and colors.
  • Treats a wide range of skin concerns including sunspots, wrinkles, acne and surgical scars, and melasma.
  • Stimulates collagen production, which makes the skin firmer and more elastic.
  • Improves skin tone and texture.
  • Minimal side-effects.Fraxel skin resurfacing treatment is available in the greater Atlanta metro area at Skin Cancer Specialists P.C. & Aesthetic Center. Our clinicians can customize a treatement plan to target your specific skin concerns. Call today to set up a consultation.

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