What is the difference between a microlaser peel and a nanolaserpeel?

Would you like to improve the tired, aged look of your skin? A laser peel may be the answer. Sciton has developed the highly effective MicroLaser and NanoLaser peels to renew and refresh the skin. But what is the difference between a MicroLaser peel and a NanoLaser peel.

Laser peels work by removing the top layer of the skin, and this helps to kick start the skin’s own cell renewal process.

The MicroLaser peel rejuvenates the skin by removing the outer layers with anErbium laser. The MicroLaser peel can treat skin concerns such as wrinkles, scars, and skin discoloration.

The NanoLaser peel also uses an Er: YAG laser to remove the toplayers of the skin, in order eliminate damaged tissue and accelerate skin renewal. It treats scars, sun damage, and fine lines, to leave the skin smooth and luminous.

Difference between a MicroLaser peel and a NanoLaser peel
Both the MicroLaser peel and the NanoLaser peel are designed to resurface and rejuvenate the skin, but they penetrate to different depths.

The intensity of the MicroLaser peel can range from 10-50 microns, and the associated downtime is 5-7 days. However, this may vary depending on the depth of the treatment. The NanoLaser peel is a less intensive treatment that penetrates to depths of 4-10 microns, and downtime ranges from 1-3 days. The recovery for the MicroLaser peel is longer, because it penetrates to a deeper level in the skin.

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