What happens to your spine when you lose your neck curve?

Most people are unaware of the importance of the natural neck curve. A healthy curve plays a vital role in balancing and supporting the spine. However, poor posture can result in the leveling of the neck curve. Let’s find out what happens when you lose your neck curve.

Importance of the natural neck curve

The natural curve in your neck helps to prevent stress in the muscular system and vascular system. The muscular system consists of all the muscles that provide support for the head, neck, and shoulders. The vascular system is responsible for circulation. Problems here can negatively impact blood supply, as well as the efficient elimination of waste from the cells in the upper body.

How you can lose your neck curve

When the body is in proper alignment, the head sits directly on the neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, this ideal posture is not as common as it should be, as most people tend to adopt a Forward head posture (FHP). FHP is an abnormal position, in which the ears sit forward of the shoulders.

What happens when you lose your neck curve?

FHP flattens the normal curve of the neck and puts undue stress on the neck, shoulders, and spinal tissues. The load on the spinal tissues can result in permanent changes.  Symptoms associated with the flattening of the neck curve include, muscle pain, burning, disc compression, and tension headaches.


Attention to proper posture and alignment, and engaging in stabilizing exercises, are 2 ways to improve the neck curve. However, permanent changes make require the use of devices like those available from the Posture Pump. The Posture Pump has products that are specially designed to restore the cervical curve. Go to www.posturepump.com for more information.

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