When Do you Need Hip Replacement Surgery to correct hip pain?

If you are plagued by chronic hip pain that is compromising the function and mobility of the hip joint, you may have to consider hip replacement.  However, it’s best to consult with an orthopedic surgeon. He/she will do a complete assessment of your hip joint, and recommend the best course of action. But when do you need hip replacement surgery to correct hip pain.

You may need hip replacement surgery if:

•    You are not able to participate in normal activities. If the pain in your hip is preventing you from doing regular activities such as walking, climbing the stairs, bending, and exercising, then you should have a proper hip evaluation done.

•    The hip pain persists even when you are at rest. Recurrent hip pain is often an indication of serious wear and tear of the hip joint due to arthritis, or similar condition.

•    Other treatment options have been unsuccessful. If alternatives such as medication, walking supports, and physical therapy have failed to alleviate the hip pain, then your doctor may have to consider surgery.

•    Your hip stiffens up when you sit and your overall movement is significantly diminished.

If you have lost significant strength and mobility in the hip joint, and are also experiencing these symptoms, then you need to have your condition thoroughly diagnosed by an orthopedic surgery.

Hip Arthroscopy Surgery

Hip arthroscopy surgery is generally recommended in cases where more conservative treatments have failed to bring relief. Surgery is performed with the use of an arthroscope, which is a tiny viewing instrument that improves precision. It is a minimally invasive procedure that requires only very tiny incisions.

Schedule an appointment with orthopedic surgeon Frank McCormick, MD.  Dr. McCormick offers hip arthroscopy surgery to patients in South Florida. He has offices in Miami, Palm Beach, and Orlando. You can set up an appointment by calling 1-888-LESS-DOCS or going online to http://www.frankmccormickmd.com/contact-us/.

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