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Is there a treatment for loss of neck curve?

The natural curve of the neck is vital to overall health. If the neck loses its natural shape, a lot of things can go wrong, as it can lead to all kinds of health issues. If the flattening of the neck curve is a problem for you, perhaps you’re curious to find out the answer to this question – Is there a treatment for loss of neck curve?

Loss of neck curve
The neck has what is known as a lordotic curve, which is a ‘C’ shaped curve that faces towards the back of the neck. The cervical curve helps maintain the stability of the head and spine.

If the cervical spine straightens, deepens, or starts to bend in the opposite direction, these are obvious signs of a loss of the normal neck curve, and the condition must be treated promptly. Loss of the cervical curve is often the result of poor posture.

The loss of the neck curve can lead to problems such as headaches, migraines, and pain and stiffness in the neck.

The Posture Pump Disc Hydrator is a very effective treatment for the pain and stiffness associated with changes in the neck curve.  These symptoms occur because of the compression of the vertebrae and discs, and a reduction in the amount of lubricating fluid in the spine.

PosturePump Disc Hydrator decompresses the discs. It also pulls in the bulging material displaced by the loss of the neck curve towards the discs.

The flattening of the cervical curve also forces the normal lubricating fluid in the spine out of the discs. The action of the Disc Hydrator helps to restore the curve, and because of this, the lubricating fluid returns.

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cervical kyphosis

What is cervical kyphosis and why is it a problem?

Have you ever wondered why you have a curve in your neck, and why it’s important? The curve is actually vital to overall health, as it supports the head and spine, and helps maintain balance and flexibility. If the curve should straighten, you would probably end up experiencing discomfort in your neck and back, just ask anyone with cervical kyphosis. People with the condition often experience a lot of pain, but what exactly is cervical kyphosis and why is it a problem.

Understanding Cervical Kyphosis

Cervical kyphosis is the term given to the loss of the natural curve of the cervical spine (neck). The cervical spine has a lordotic curve, which means that it extends slightly inward, much like a ‘C’ turned backward.

Poor postural habits, in particular forward head posture or FHP, can cause the curve to flatten. FHP is a misalignment of the spine in which the head tilts forward, and is not directly above the neck and shoulders.

Cervical kyphosis may also be caused by general wear and tear due to aging, which can lead to degenerative disc disease.

Why is cervical kyphosis a problem?

When there is a deviation from the normal spinal alignment, the muscular and vascular systems experience undue pressure. With cervical kyphosis, the curve may deepen, straighten out, or face the wrong direction. These are all changes that can affect the stability of the head and spine. Common symptoms of cervical kyphosis include acute neck pain, headaches, difficulty walking, and diminished range of motion in the neck.


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What happens to your spine when you lose your neck curve?

Most people are unaware of the importance of the natural neck curve. A healthy curve plays a vital role in balancing and supporting the spine. However, poor posture can result in the leveling of the neck curve. Let’s find out what happens when you lose your neck curve.

Importance of the natural neck curve

The natural curve in your neck helps to prevent stress in the muscular system and vascular system. The muscular system consists of all the muscles that provide support for the head, neck, and shoulders. The vascular system is responsible for circulation. Problems here can negatively impact blood supply, as well as the efficient elimination of waste from the cells in the upper body.

How you can lose your neck curve

When the body is in proper alignment, the head sits directly on the neck and shoulders. Unfortunately, this ideal posture is not as common as it should be, as most people tend to adopt a Forward head posture (FHP). FHP is an abnormal position, in which the ears sit forward of the shoulders.

What happens when you lose your neck curve?

FHP flattens the normal curve of the neck and puts undue stress on the neck, shoulders, and spinal tissues. The load on the spinal tissues can result in permanent changes.  Symptoms associated with the flattening of the neck curve include, muscle pain, burning, disc compression, and tension headaches.


Attention to proper posture and alignment, and engaging in stabilizing exercises, are 2 ways to improve the neck curve. However, permanent changes make require the use of devices like those available from the Posture Pump. The Posture Pump has products that are specially designed to restore the cervical curve. Go to for more information.