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How much does laser tattoo removal cost

How much does laser tattoo removal cost

Are you experiencing tattoo regret? Thanks to innovations in laser technology, removing a tattoo is quicker and less painful than it once was. However, since laser technology is involved, cost is an important consideration. But how much does laser tattoo removal cost.

How laser tattoo removal works

The laser energy selectively targets the tattoo ink in the skin. The ink particles absorb the laser energy, and the resulting heat breaks down the particles into tiny fragments. These fragments are cleared away by the body’s immune system in the weeks following treatment.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost

The cost of laser tattoo removal can range from $200 to $500. The variability of the cost is due to factors such as color, size, and the type of technology.

Factors that affect the cost of laser tattoo removal

When it comes to laser tattoo removal, colour is a prime consideration, because some colours are harder to remove than others, and will therefore require more treatments. Black is the easiest tattoo ink to remove, because it absorbs the laser wavelength easily. Consequently, all-black tattoos are usually the least expensive to treat.

The type of technology used, is another factor that can affect the cost of laser tattoo removal. PicoWay is an advanced laser that removes tattoos faster and more efficiently than older technologies. PicoWay is a high-energy picosecond laser that removes a wide range of tattoo ink colours, and is safe for use on all skin tones and skin types.

In addition, larger tattoos typically cost more to remove because they require more laser time than smaller tattoos.

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Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Painful?

Have you decided to get laser therapy to remove a tattoo you no longer like?  If so, you are probably anxious to find out exactly how painful laser tattoo removal is likely to be. 

How laser tattoo removal works

The laser emits a beam of light that breaks up the ink particles deposited in the deep dermal layer of the skin.   The resulting heat shatters the ink particles, which are then removed by the white blood cells in the body over the following weeks.  

How many laser tattoo removal treatments will I need?

Depending on the type of laser technology being used, laser tattoo removal can take anywhere from 5-6 treatments.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

It’s important to remember that tattoos are designed to be permanent, so the ink used is inserted into the deep layer of the skin.  As a result, patients will experience some discomfort during laser tattoo removal, because the laser heats the ink particles to very high temperatures.

Also, some areas such as the hands and feet are more sensitive, so removing a tattoo from these areas may be uncomfortable.  However, most patients agree that having laser tattoo removal is less painful than having a laser inked.

Doctors use skin numbing options such as numbing creams and ice packs, to minimize pain during laser tattoo removal. 

Enlighten laser for tattoo removal

The Enlighten laser by Cutera is a less painful option for laser tattoo removal.  Enlighten is a cutting-edge laser that uses Pico technology to remove tattoos, which allows it to deliver heat faster and more efficiently.

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What are the five top questions to ask my doctor before having my tattoo removed?

Lasers have helped make tattoo removal easier and less painful. However there are a number of factors that can influence tattoo removal, so it’s important to have realistic expectations going in. Here are the top 5 questions to ask your doctor before having your tattoo removed.

1.    How long will it take? Laser tattoo removal is considered easier when compared to older methods such as surgical excision.However, depending on the color of the ink(s) used, erasing a tattoo can take anywhere from 5 to 15 sessions. Since black inks are the easiest to fade, an all-black tattoo may take 5 to6 sessions. It is also important to remember that removal sessions are spaced several weeks apart.

2.    Will it hurt?Removing a tattoo can be very uncomfortable.You will feel the energy from the laser as the pulsed light penetrates the skin. Some patients say it feels a lot like a rubber band being snapped against the skin.

3.    What colors are hardest to remove?Colors such as yellow and green are hardest to remove. In some cases they are not completely eliminated, but can be faded significantly.

4.    What type of laser will you use?  Lasers generally emit different wavelengths, and different wavelengths treat different colors. Therefore it often takes multiple lasers to remove a tattoo, especially if it has several colors.

5.    Will removing my tattoo leave a scar?This can happen in cases where the tattoo is inked deeply, and you have colors that are difficult to remove.

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