Non-surgical vs Liposuction: Which is the better option for weight loss?

If you need to lose weight but are not interested in undergoing liposuction surgery, there are several non-surgical fat removal options that you can consider. Non-invasive body contouring treatments such as CoolSculpting and Exilis have become popular liposuction alternatives in recent years.  But when deciding between non-surgical vs liposuction,it’s important to known which is the better option for weight loss (click here).

Non-surgical liposuction
Coolsculpting is a body contouring option that contours the body by reducing the number of fat cells in targeted areas. Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to freeze and damage the fat cells, which are eventually eliminated by the body. Coolsculpting is suitable for eliminating pockets of diet-resistant fat, but is not suitable for individuals who would like to remove large volumes of fat.

Liposuction surgery
Liposuction surgery is also a body contouring method that targets areas of localized fat. Although it is possible to safely remove more fat with surgical liposuction than it is with non-surgical lipo, the procedure should still not be viewed as a weight loss method.

Which is better for weight loss?
The best candidates for both non-surgical and surgical liposuction are individuals that are close to their ideal weight. The procedures are not meant for people who need to lose a considerable amount of weight. Patients can expect to lose 5-7 pounds with surgical liposuction. However, with non-surgical options such as Coolsculpting, there may not be a noticeable change in the number on the scale.

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