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What causes gynecomastia and what are the treatment options?

Gynecomastia or breast prominence in men is a condition that is fairly common among young boys and adult men, but it does not put them at risk in any way. Despite this, the condition is often a source of considerable anxiety and unease for those who have it. Doctors are not quite sure what causes gynecomastia, but they have identified a hormonal link.

Causative Factors

During puberty, some males develop excess breast tissue due to the hormonal fluctuations that occur. Estrogen and testosterone are the primary hormones involved. If there is increased estrogen activity accompanied by a decrease in testosterone levels, this can trigger the abnormal growth of breast tissue.

Gynecomastia usually corrects itself naturally after a few months. However, there are cases in which this does not happen, and the condition may even worsen as time passes.

Male breasts may also experience abnormal growth in response to certain types of medication such as anabolic steroids, and anti-androgens.

Treatment Options

Depending on the amount of breast tissue and fat that is involved, gynecomastia can be treated with either direct excision or liposuction. However, some cases may require a combination of both procedures (learn more).

Surgery typically takes about an hour, and is done under local anesthesia at an outpatient facility. The breast tissue is removed via an incision made at the areola. Patients should be at their ideal body weight before considering surgery. They should also have realistic expectations about the surgical outcomes.

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