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How to lose weight, look great, and get healthy for this summer

If you’d like to get a trimmer figure for bikini season, you need to learn about proper nutrition, so that you can keep the weight off once it’s gone. This is really not about dieting. Rather, it’s about understanding how to lose weight, so that you can get healthy for this summer and beyond, and maintain a healthy lifestyle (click here).

At the Serenity Med Spa in San Francisco, CA, they take a 3 step approach to weight loss. Their medically supervised weight loss program is offered alongside beauty treatments that are designed to contour and sculpt the body.

Weight Loss

Serenity Med Spa takes a customized approach to weight loss, so that they can help you win the battle against the bulge the healthy way. Clients are encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices that complement weight loss efforts. That means eating nutrient-dense foods, and exercising regularly. They incorporate nutritional testing in order to identify areas of nutritional deficiency, and make the necessary adjustments. They also employ tools to track your progress, so that you stay motivated, and remain on target to meet your weight loss goals.

Body Contouring

There are times when despite the best efforts at dieting and exercise, areas of localized fat deposits remain on parts of the body. Body contouring treatments are available to deal with those areas that you are unable to trim otherwise. However, it’s important to remember that body contouring alone won’t help you meet your weight loss goals. It must be done in conjunction with a structured weight loss program.

If you’d like to get yourself bikini–fit, find out how to lose weight and get healthy for this summer. Call Serenity Med Spa today at 415-781-9200, and schedule an appointment with Dr. Lisa Kang or Dr. David Kang.