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How do I know if I need Mohs surgery?

How do I know if I need Mohs surgery?

Mohs surgery is considered the gold standard for treating skin cancer especially basal cell carcinoma (BCC). Many cases of squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are also treated with Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is a precise procedure that has a high degree of clinical success. But how do you know if you need Mohs surgery?

How is Mohs surgery performed?

The surgeon will remove the entire visible part of the tumor, and then map the area from which the tissue was taken. A thin sample of tissue is excised and examined under a microscope to determine if cancer cells are still there. If they are, another tissue sample is removed and examined. The process is continued until no traces of cancer remain.

How do I know if I need Mohs surgery?

If you have BCC, your doctor will probably recommend Mohs surgery. Mohs surgery is the first choice for treating BCC because of its high cure rate.

Also, if you have skin cancer on a critical part of the body such as the nose or lips, Mohs surgery is the ideal solution, because it saves as much healthy tissue as possible. It leaves a very small scar, and does not disfigure the area.

When Mohs surgery is used to treat BCC, the chance of the cancer returning is very low, because Mohs surgery goes below the surface of the skin, ensuring no cancer cells are left behind. On the other hand, if BCC is treated non-surgically, the cancer cells may not be completely removed.

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