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Will testosterone therapy make me develop body hair?

If you’ve heard about testosterone therapy for women, you may think it incredulous that women actually need testosterone. But the truth is testosterone performs several important functions in a woman’s body. Considering what we know about how this hormone affects males, you may be wondering, ‘Will testosterone therapy make me develop body hair?’ It all depends.

Testosterone in women
Testosterone has long been considered a male hormone, but medical science is now realizing that it also very important to women’s health. Testosterone is an androgen, and is important for developing male traits and also for reproductive activity. Women only produce a fraction of the testosterone that men do, but they need it to for varying reasons, such as to maintain bone and muscle mass, and improve sex drive.

Will women develop body hair from Testosterone Therapy
Testosterone is known to have very powerful benefits, as it strengthens muscle mass, boosts mood, enhances cognitive function, and also has anti-aging benefits. When therapy involves low doses of testosterone side-effects are minimal. However, if you are considering testosterone therapy, be sure to ask your doctor what these are.

Although testosterone therapy can be invaluable for some women, it’s not the case for all women. Excessive doses of testosterone can lead to unwanted side-effects, including hair growth on the face and body. Therefore testosterone therapy should always be medically supervised, to ensure that the proper dosage is being given only as needed.

Testosterone therapy for women is available at Fountain of Youth Med Spa, Victoria, TX, where treatment is expertly handled by Dr. Nhi Le. If it is found that you can benefit from testosterone therapy, Dr. Le will start you off with a very low dose and monitor you carefully. Call  (361) 576-9100today to schedule an appointment.

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