Am I doing long term damage by texting?

Some people are so addicted to texting that they feel completely lost if their phone gets cut off. Although texting is a simple and convenient way to keep in touch, it does have its downside.Spending hours hunched over your smartphone or other mobile device is certainly not good for your posture, yet some people are still wondering – Am I doing long term damage by texting?

The texting phenomenon
There is no denying the fact that text messaging has changed the way we communicate with each other. Many people actually use their cell phones for texting, far more than they do for making calls. After all, texting is fast, easy, and very convenient. But is all this texting good for you?

Are you doing long term damage by texting?
You probably are. Research has shown that texting, resulting in the prolonged forward position of the head and shoulders, can have serious consequences for your health.

Doctors have confirmed that they are seeing an increasing number of people, especially millennials, with a condition known as ‘text neck.’ Text neck is the term that is used to describe the neck pain that is associated with texting, and most people with the condition spend several hours each day texting.

The forward head posture most people adopt when they hunch over their cellphones can also put additional weight and pressure on the spine, and this can cause the spine to deteriorate prematurely.

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