What is the best treatment for Sciatica pain?

Chronic pain, especially in the lower back and down the leg, can often be traced to sciatica. Some people with the condition experience only periodic episodes of pain, while for others the pain is persistent and debilitating.  There are several treatment options available, so how can you determine what is the best treatment for sciatica pain?

Sciatica and its causes

Sciatica is a form of back pain that is caused by the irritation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that extends from the back through the buttocks and down the leg to the foot. It consists of several nerve roots.

Sciatica is often caused by the compression of the nerve root as a result of a herniated disc,(also known as a ruptured or bulging disc). The condition is characterized by tingling down the leg and numbness of the foot.


Since there are several back issues that can cause sciatic pain, the best treatment option will depend on the underlying cause. However in some cases, sciatica simply gets better with time.

Many people who develop sciatica often find relief with non-surgical methods such as manual manipulation, over-the-counter medication, steroid injections, physical therapy, and massage therapy. The use of Posture Pump products is another popular non-surgical solution to alleviate sciatica pain.

Posture Pump retails products that are used for spinal decompression. The products treat sciatica by lubricating the spine, and easing pressure on the nerve root.

The Posture Pump PentaVec Model 2500can treat back stiffness and spinal dysfunction. It utilizes a type of decompression therapy known as Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED), which works to contour the back into its natural shape. You can learn more about this and other Posture Pump products by going to www.posturepump.com.

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