Can I Reduce Extra Skin on my Legs?

Do you have a lot of loose skin on your legs because of major weight loss? It’s a problem faced by many people that undergo this type of body transformation, because the skin does not snap back into shape after the excess weight is gone. This can be frustrating, so chances are you are anxious to find out how you can reduce the extra skin on your legs.

Reduce the extra skin on your legs with a thigh lift
Whether you’ve always struggled with excess skin on your thighs, or have flabby legs because of drastic weight loss has, you can reduce that extra skin with a thigh lift.

A thigh lift, also known as thighplasty, is a surgical procedure that is done to firm and tighten the legs and thighs. This is achieved by removing excess skin that has been hanging on the thighs, as well as any sagging fatty tissue. A thigh lift reshapes the legs and buttocks, and improves overall body contours.

What to expect during a thigh lift
Incisions for thigh lift surgery are generally made on the inside of the thighs. The surgeon will remove the excess skin that is causing the thighs to sag, and then pull the remaining skin tight.

After the operation there will be some bruising and swelling, so the results won’t be noticeable for several months. It generally takes four to six weeks for the swelling to subside. However, patients that have desk jobs are generally able to return to work after one week. The legs will look smoother and more contoured after thigh lift surgery.

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