How can I alleviate neck and back pain from typing on my computer and using my cell phone?

You may not realize it, but all the hours you spend looking down while using your cellphone or computer is harming your spine. It’s likely to cause neck and back pain. Not surprisingly, this pain often requires a visit to the doctor and one question that’s often asked is – How can I alleviate neck and back pain from typing on my computer and using my cellphone .

How your cell phone and computer cause neck and back pain
It’s estimated that many millennials spend 2-4 hours each day hunched over their smartphone or computer. Having the head in a forward position significantly increases the weight of the head, and it puts added stress on the muscles and ligaments that hold up the head, because the position goes against gravity. The resulting pressure on the cervical spine causes neck and back pain. It also leads to headaches, pain behind the eyes, pain and discomfort in the shoulder, disc compression, bulging discs, and many other conditions.

How can I alleviate neck and back pain
Adjust posture when using your cellphone and computer, so that your shoulder is in line with your ears. There are also therapeutic options available such as Posture Pump products that are designed to alleviate neck and back pain by restoring postural curves and aligning the spine.

The forward head position compresses the discs, and pushes out the lubricating fluid, causing the discs to become stiff and painful. The Posture Pump Back Disc Hydrator restores the curves, and this draws fluid back into the discs, and improves flexibility.

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