How can I naturally balance my hormones?

Do you feel tired and depressed all the time? Your hormones could be off balance! Hormone imbalance is a problem that affects women and men, and although it is normally associated with midlife, it can occur at any age. While many people understand the need to rebalance hormones, they often want to do so naturally, without synthetic options. So how can you naturally balance hormones?

Balance hormones naturally with Bioidentical hormone therapy
It’s possible to naturally balance hormones with bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT). Bioidentical hormone therapy is a process that restores hormone balance using hormones with a similar molecular structure to those that the body naturally produces.

Hormones coordinate several body functions including growth, reproduction, weight loss, and sexual development. They also help maintain muscle tone, burn fat, fight stress, relieve fatigue, lubricate joints, and much more.

Some symptoms of hormone imbalance in women include mood swings, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, decreased sex drive, and fatigue. While men may experience loss of muscle tone, low libido, loss of focus, lack of energy, and irritability. BHRT provides a natural solution to these symptoms.

How BHRT works
Bioidentical hormones using pellet therapy (BioTE Pellet Therapy) is considered the most efficient way to rebalance hormones. The pellets are made from a natural plant source. They are implanted below the skin through small incisions, and slow-release into the bloodstream over the days and weeks following treatment.

BioTE pellet therapy is customized to satisfy the hormone requirements of each patient.

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