How can undergoing hip arthroscopy surgery help obese patients?

Obese people with hip problems can choose to undergo less invasive surgical options like hip arthroscopy, to find relief. Total hip replacement surgery using traditional methods, is no longer the only option. But how can undergoing hip arthroscopy surgery help obese patients?Let’s find out.

Hip Arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy is generally recommended for osteoarthritis of the hip, which occurs due to damage of the cartilage or soft tissue between the bones. The accompanying pain and stiffness is often very acute.

When performing hip arthroscopy, the surgeon inserts the arthroscope through a small incision. This gives him a good view of the joint, so that he can better make a determination of the source of the pain, and fix the problem.

Obesity and Hip Arthroscopy

Obesity complicates conditions such as hip osteoarthritis, because the additional weight puts undue pressure on the hip joints. It also causes the arthritic pain to be more severe, and strictly limits mobility. In most instances,invasive hip replacement surgery is the recommended solution.

However, recent research has changed this view. Researchers carried out a study among 680 patients (some of whom were obese) who underwent primary hip arthroscopy. The results showed that obese patients experienced a high degree of improvement after surgery. In the short to mid-term their results were comparable to those obtained by the nonobese group of patients.

After undergoing hip arthroscopy obese patients experienced few risks and complications. Since the operation is less invasive there is also minimal scarring and less downtime,when compared to traditional hip replacement surgery.

Patients in South Florida can contact orthopedic surgeon Dr. Frank McCormick, to find out more about hip arthroscopy and obesity. Dr. McCormick can be contacted at the LESS Institute.  Offices are located in Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando, Doral and Boca Raton. Please call (866)956-3837 today and schedule your appointment.

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