How is a visit with Dr. Fowler different than with other gynecologists?

Do you have a troubling vulvovaginal condition that you’ve been unable to resolve despite visits to various gynecologists?  Dr. R. Stuart Fowler may be able to help. Dr. Fowler is a board certified gynecologist who spearheads Fowler GYN International, located in Paradise Valley, Arizona. Perhaps you’re wondering how a visit with Dr. Fowler is different than with other gynecologists.

What makes Dr. Fowler different?
There are some vulvovaginal conditions that are not easy to diagnose or treat, and unfortunately most gynecologists don’t like treating these difficult cases. That’s because they are not willing to invest the time to do the necessary research, nor do they have the diagnostic tools needed for a proper diagnosis. But Dr. Fowler is very different, because he’s willing to treat these women.

Dr. Fowler was trained at the Mayo Clinic and worked there for over 20 years. He opted to take early retirement, because he wanted to use his knowledge and expertise toassist those women with chronic vulvovaginal conditions, who are unable to get help elsewhere.

While at the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Fowler specialized in vaginal disorders, and conducted research and clinical observation into conditions such as vulvodynia.  As a result of this work, he has successfully helped thousands of women in the US with vulvovaginal conditions.Many of them had already visited other specialists, but failed to get any relief from their symptoms.

Dr. Fowler uses advanced microscopic techniques to accurately diagnose vulvovaginal conditions, so that he can recommend the most suitable treatment protocol.

If you are have a recurrent gynecological condition that doctors have not been able to resolve, contact Fowler GYN International for help.

Call (480) 420-4001to schedule a consultation, or request a free pre-registration call online at

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