How to re-pigment Vitiligo with light therapy

Vitiligo is a skin disorder that is often the cause of low self-esteem, and other serious emotional problems for those who suffer from it. The condition results in the loss of normal skin color, or lightening of the skin. It can affect both men and women regardless of skin color.  There was a time when there were few treatment options for vitiligo, and most did not have a positive effect, but doctors now know how to re-pigment vitiligo.

About Vitiligo

The skin gets it dark color from the presence of dark skin pigment known as melanin. Melanin is created by the action of cells called melanocytes. In cases where melanocytes are destroyed and sufficient melanin is not produced, white patches begin to emerge on the skin. This condition is known as vitiligo.

Narrow band UVB phototherapy

Vitiligo has traditionally been treated with PUVA phototherapy; however, narrow band UVB therapy is now proving to be very successful. The UVB treatment is a type of light therapy that utilizes light at the 311nm-312nm subset of the UVB spectrum. Since the light is emitted over a short range wave length, it is generally safe and very effective.

During narrowband UVB treatment the affected areas are exposed to UVB panel systems or cabinet. The duration of the exposure depends on the severity of the condition. The treatment is successful because it stimulates the pigment cells, enabling them to produce melanocytes. It typically takes about 30 to 60 treatments to achieve results with narrowband UVB therapy.

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