Is there a treatment for poor posture?

Most people don’t realize that poor posture can seriously impact overall health. In fact, daily activities such as walking, sitting, bending, and lifting, can all contribute to poor posture, which in turn causes neck and back pain. So is there a treatment for poor posture.

Understanding poor posture
Before we talk about poor posture, let’s take a look at what’s considered good posture. When your posture is good, it means that the various parts of the spine are in proper alignment, and are also well balanced and supported.

Poor posture is therefore indicated by the misalignment of the spine, and is typified by positions such as hunched shoulders and slumping while sitting, which can cause the head to tilt forward (forward head posture).

The posture we adopt while walking and sitting can have an adverse impact on the sciatic nerve. Poor posture causes undue wear and tear on the muscles, resulting in symptoms such as neck and back pain, and pinched nerves.

Treatment for poor posture
The Posture Pump® PentaVec® (Model 2500) can be used to treat poor posture. The device uses Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression (EED) to restore normality to the spine.

How it works
The Posture Pump® PentaVec® (Model 2500) is designed to fit under the lower back, and is also made with decompression pedals that are pushed up and out using the feet. The air pillows in the lower back are inflated using the hand pumps. Once they are inflated to the desired level the legs are extended and retracted. This continuous action molds the spine into the proper position, and also draws fluid back into the spinal discs.

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