Is there a universal product to relieve neck pain?

Do you suffer from neck pain? If you do, you’re not alone, because it’s a problem that affects millions of Americans.There are various factors that can give rise to neck pain, and there are also therapeutic devices that can help to manage the condition. But is there a universal product to relieve neck pain?

Causes of neck pain
Neck pain often results from poor posture. The modern sedentary lifestyle which involves spending hours slouched in front of the computer or watching television,puts undue pressure on the neck muscles. Other causes of neck pain include physical injury, pinched nerve, or degeneration of the cervical disc.

Is there a universal product to relieve neck pain?
Neck pain may range in intensity from a dull ache to severe pain, so the product you choose for relief should be influenced by your pain level. However, one of the most effective products for relieving neck pain caused by compression issues is the Dual Disc Hydrator (Model 1400-D), by Posture Pump.

The Dual Disc Hydrator (Model 1400-D) is a high quality therapeutic device that uses patented expanding ellipsoidal decompression (EED), to relieve neck pain. The device is secured under the neck and as it fills with air,the expanding elliptical air cells are pushed into the neck and shoulders. This action helps to separate the joints, and decompresses and lubricates the spine.

The Dual Disc Hydrator is a portable, easy to use device that requires no assembly, and can be used in the comfort and convenience of your home.

Are you suffering from neck pain? Contact Posture Pump at, to find out more about this and other products that we have available for the relief of neck and back pain.

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