Is there a way to prevent Spinal Nerve Compression?

If you are suffering from chronic neck and back pain, don’t ignore it, as it could signal a serious problem like spinal nerve compression. This condition often results from poor posture, and can be corrected with timely intervention. But is there a way to prevent spinal nerve compression from occurring? Let’s review the facts.

Spinal cord or spinal nerve compression refers to the change in the normal shape of the spine, as a result of too much pressure on the spinal discs. The spinal cord is made up of nerve fibers that send signals to and from the brain, to other parts of the body. The pressure may be the result of several factors including poor posture, degenerative disc disease, or normal wear and tear due to aging.

Preventing Spinal Nerve Compression
In some cases spinal cord compression can be prevented by not stressing the spine. It is therefore important to:

  • Maintain proper posture at all times whether you are walking, sitting, lying down, standing, or lifting objects.
  • Get regular exercise. Pay particular attention to those exercises that strengthen the abdominals, as these will help keep the spine flexible.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. Excessive weight will also stress the spinal cord.

Spinal nerve compression that occurs because of the degeneration of the discs due to aging may be more difficult to correct.

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