What causes adult acne?

Isn’t acne a condition that only affects teenagers? Not so, because many adults have acne as well. Unfortunately not all teenagers with acne shake off those pesky, unpleasant pimples in the teen years, some struggle with it well into adulthood. But what exactly causes adult acne and how is it treated.

What causes adult acne?
Adult acne may be caused by a variety of factors including the following:

  • Hormones: Acne caused by hormones can affect men and women, but it’s a lot more common in women. Hormonal acne results from hormonal changes that lead to an increase in the production of sebum by the sebaceous or oil glands. The excess oil pours out onto the surface of the skin and clogs the pores, resulting in the formation of bacteria that leads to acne pimples.
  • Stress: Stress is also a major contributor to adult acne. The older you get the harder it is to balance all that needs to be done, and stress can trigger an increase in stress hormones, which in turn stimulates the production of oil, leading to clogged pores.
  • Skin Care Products: Many adults with acne prone skin don’t use the right skin care products for their skin type, and they also use products and makeup which contain ingredients that can cause acne breakouts. Ingredients that are too harsh can lead to excessive dryness and inflammation. Adults with acne are generally advised to use non-comedogenic products and makeup that will not clog pores.

Treating adult acne
The treatment for adult acne is customized based on the patient’s specific skin type and symptoms.

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