What is an infotainment terminal and how can it aid in long term patient satisfaction?

More hospitals are striving to increase operating efficiency and reduce costs, by focusing on improved patient satisfaction. In many cases this involves the use of healthcare IT such as infotainment terminals that enhance patient comfort, and improves the physician-patient relationship. But what exactly is an infotainment terminal, and how can it aid in long term patient satisfaction?

What is an infotainment terminal?
An infotainment terminal is an online bedside portal with multimedia functionality that offers entertainment and communication options to patients, and is also a clinical tool for medical staff. The infotainment terminal may be a medical tablet, or a medical PC.

Benefits of infotainment terminals

  • Patients can be entertained during their hospital stay by viewing popular television channels, accessing the internet and social networks, and making phone calls. They can also use it to communicate with nurses.
  • Medical staff can access internal hospital information systems, electronic health records, lab results, tests, and more.

How can infotainment terminals aid in long term patient satisfaction?
Infotainment terminals are user friendly devices that boost patient satisfaction in several ways.

  • The individualized access to entertainment choices gives patients the conveniences of home, and boosts the quality of their hospital stay.
  • The ability to communicate with family and friends via Skype, and social networks, makes for a more comfortable experience.
  • It gives patients some control in the hospital environment, so they are less stressed and more co-operative. It also improves their overall well-being, and aids in recovery.

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