What is degenerative Joint Disease?

Degenerative joint disease is a condition that is very common among the older population, and often gets worse as they age. It is often the source of much pain and discomfort, and also limits mobility. But what exactly is degenerative joint disease, and what are the treatment options.

What is degenerative joint disease?
Degenerative joint disease also known as osteoarthritis,is a condition that occurs because of the breakdown of the articular cartilage that is normally present between the bones. Cartilage is a thick rubber-like connective tissue that covers and protects the end of the bones. It is a virtual shock absorber, as it cushions the bones as they move around, and prevents them from rubbing against each other.

People with degenerative joint disease experience cartilage loss, and this accelerates the wear and tear of the joints. As a result activities such as walking, reaching, bending over, and squatting, become very difficult.

Osteoarthritis typically affects the joints of the shoulders, spine (upper and lower back), knees, hands, and hips. Some people develop bone spurs, or tiny growths along the edge of the bone.

Symptoms of degenerative joint disease include joint pain and stiffness, reduced range of motion, inflammation, and difficulty moving. The condition may be caused by several factors including trauma, genetics, being overweight,and nutritional deficiency.

How is it treated?
There are various treatments for degenerative joint disease, and the choice often depends on the causative factors. However, Posture Pump products are an effective therapeutic alternative, as they provide relief from neck and back pain.

Posture Pump products are designed to decompress the spine, and provide the lubrication that is needed to ease the symptoms of degenerative joint disease. You can visit us online at www.posturepump.com to find out more.

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