What is the difference between Vibradermabrasion and Medical Microdermabrasion?

The effects of age and the environment can be hard on your skin, resulting in wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and sun damage. But, microdermabrasion is an incredible way to get rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. There is also the more advanced system known as Vibradermabrasion that can add life to dull, tired skin.  But what is the difference between Vibradermabrasion and medical dermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion can improve the appearance of the skin by reducing pore size, clearing acne scars, reducing wrinkles, and correcting photo damaged skin. Let’s take a look at the popular options:

  • Vibradermabrasion
    The Vibradermabrasion device has a handpiece with a slightly abrasive paddle that gently exfoliates the skin. The procedure stimulates collagen and accelerates cell turnover, which leads to firmer, healthier skin. It also cleans pores to reduce the likelihood of future breakouts. One session takes approximately 20-30 minutes, and it typically requires a series of 4-5 treatments to achieve optimal results.
  • Medical Microdermabrasion
    Medical dermabrasion has traditionally been done using tiny crystals sprayed onto the skin. However, crystal free microdermabrasion using a diamond tipped wand, is available at the Skin Care Center, Chicago, IL. The device uses diamonds and suction to peel away the build-up of dead skin cells.

What’s the Difference?
Vibradermabrasion is the next generation microdermabrasion system that is equipped with ‘sonic vibration technology’ to exfoliate your skin. Medical dermabrasion uses particles to exfoliate the skin, but Vibradermabrasion uses a vibrating stainless steel paddle to remove the outer dermal layer.  The Vibradermabrasion device has a larger spot size, which means treatment time is faster, and the process is more efficient.

Contact the Skin Care Center for more info on Vibradermabrasion and medical microdermabrasion. Call us at 773-296-3636 for the Chicago, IL, location, or 847-234-6121 in Lake Forrest, IL, and 847-901-0252 in Glenview, IL.

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