What is the most cost effective method to treat neck pain?

Neck pain is a common complaint among the US population. It is often the result of poor postural habits that cause the neck muscles to become weak and overstretched.  Spending hours on your smartphone or glued to your computer screen can also lead to nagging neck pain. It can also occur as a result of the natural degeneration of the vertebrae over time. So what is the most cost effective method to treat neck pain?

Cost effective treatments for neck pain include:

  • Physiotherapy: Neck pain can often be relieved by doing various stretching and strengthening exercises that can help to ease pain and stiffness. These exercises can also improve the flexibility of the spine, and build up the neck muscles.
  • Massage Therapy: A targeted massage can also relieve pain and improve neck function, as it releases the tension in the muscles.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncturetypically involves the use of tiny needles to stimulate various pressure points of the body. This is another treatment that has benefitted individuals suffering with neck pain.

Posture Pump for neck Pain
In addition to the above, Posture Pump products are increasingly being used as a cost-effective option for treating neck and back pain. The devices are affordable, and you can do the treatment in the comfort of home, at your convenience.

The Posture Pump® Model 1100-S (Single neck air cell) is specially designed to relieve neck pain and stiffness, and also restore the natural curve in the neck. It works by simultaneously decompressing and hydrating the discs, in order to ensure optimal relief.  The device also improves flexibility and range of motion.

You can visit www.posturepump.com, to find out about this and other Posture Pump products for neck pain.

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