What is the recovery like after Arthroscopic surgery?

Having a shoulder, knee, or hip injury is never fun, and it can become even more serious if the problem requires surgery. Nowadays these types of injuries are being taken care of with arthroscopic surgery. This is a less invasive option than the traditional open joint surgery, and therefore has a shorter recovery time. But just what is the recovery like after arthroscopic surgery?

What is Arthroscopic Surgery?
Arthroscopic surgery is a procedure in which a very tiny scope and other specialized instruments are used to perform surgery. This type of intervention is often required for rotator cuff repairs and hip labral repairs. During surgery the surgeon will make a very small incision through which the scope is inserted. A camera is attached to the scope, allowing the surgeon a clear view of the problem inside the joint.

Recovery after Arthroscopic Surgery
Arthroscopic surgery does not generally require hospitalization, and since the incision is much smaller than required for more invasive surgery, recovery is usually easier for patients.

However, patients should still expect to undergo several weeks of downtime to ensure optimal joint recovery. There may also be some swelling of the joint, but this resolves within a few days. Some patients may require a rehabilitation program to strengthen the joint, and also to restore normal function.

Assuming that healing takes place as expected, most patients are able to resume normal activities within a few weeks of surgery.

Patients in Miami can contact Dr. Frank McCormick of the LESS Institute for more information. Dr. McCormick is a well-respected orthopedic surgeon who specializes in joint preservation. Call 866-956-3837 to schedule an appointment. The LESS Institute also has offices in Boca Raton, Doral, and West Palm Beach.

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