What Are Potential Latisse Side Effects?

Long, thick eyelashes have long been considered feminine, and those who don’t have them often go to great lengths to acquire them. But now, there is a drug known as Latisse, which has been specially designed to promote eyelash growth. There is every indication that the product does work, but what are potential Latisse side effects?

What is Latisse?
Latisse is an eyelash growth serum that is manufactured by Allergan, the makers of botox. It is the first drug approved by the FDA for this purpose. It takes about 6 weeks for the lashes to become fuller and longer. The effects of Latisse are temporary, as the lashes will return to their previous appearance if treatment is discontinued.

How does it work?
Researchers are now sure exactly how Latisse works, but it helps to keep the lashes in the active growth stage for a long period, and this stimulates growth.
What are potential Latisse side effects?
The Latisse website notes that Latisse may cause the darkening of the skin around the eyelids, but this can be reversed. However, it also states that Latisse can increase the brown iris pigmentation of the colored portion of the eye, and this is likely to be permanent.

In order to ensure safety, and reduce any side effects, clients are advised to follow the specific precautions relating to the use of Latisse. In particular, Latisse comes with an applicator that measures the precise amount of the drug that should be applied. Clients are advised to use the applicator in order to ensure that they do not exceed the recommended dosage.  Also, Latisse should only be applied to the top lashes.

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