Will a facelift make me look younger?

Do you look older than you feel? If so, you can rejuvenate your face with a facelift. Excess sun exposure, gravity and stress, are some of the factors that can contribute to facial aging, because they undermine the strength and elasticity of the skin. But will a facelift make you look younger.

Will a facelift make me look younger?

Yes, a facelift will make you look younger than before, because it addresses signs of aging on the face and neck.

A facelift or rhytidectomy is designed to refresh your appearance and make you look more youthful. It tightens sagging skin and lifts the deep facial tissues, and in so doing, it reduces lines and folds around the mouth, and firms jowls and loose neck skin.

Today’s facelift methods produce softer, more natural-looking results, because they focus on repositioning and tightening the underlying muscles and connective tissues (learn more).

Is a facelift worth it

Although a facelift won’t make you look 20 years old again, it can take several years off your appearance, and sculpt a more youthful face. The results of a facelift can last 10 years or more. Even though you will experience signs of aging after a facelift, you will always look younger by several years, so there are significant benefits (read more).

Since a facelift targets the lower third of the face, it is often combined with other procedures such as an eyelid lift or brow lift, for patients needing comprehensive facial rejuvenation.

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